Trevor Eisenman

Music Director & Marketer

Somehow the majority of the jobs I’ve held had something to do with new customers. I excelled on the phone, had great empathy with clients and enjoyed the diversity of the unknown that lead generation brought to the table. And I saw first hand the importance of a new customer – the lifeblood of every company.

Looking back, it’s obvious to me now that my younger years, steeped as they were in music & performing arts programs, prepared me for a broad array of careers and situations. Heck, one time I even talked a guy out of mugging me, just because I had empathy and could communicate with more than words. My music education saved my life.

My Biggest Regret

Trevor brown profile shot
Trevor Eisenman

Hindsight is 20/20, right? I thank my lucky stars I went to a boarding school with a music and performing arts program. I appreciate my parents making sure I had access to a quality education. Still, I have a regret looking back at my life afters school. 

I regret settling for a different career in an unrelated industry. Yep, I skipped out on my first love, music and acting, and went into something “safe.” Still worthwhile, but safe. Followed by a string of other safe jobs and career choices, mostly sales or construction related.

Follow the Money

Or so the saying goes. I thought I was following the money. I mostly enjoyed the work I did and strived to improve performance for myself and others. But…my heart was heavy because I knew I was only operating at half capacity. I knew I had sold out on myself.

Running a music school was a shift in the right direction for me. Music education is important. Age is irrelevant, any instrument is a good one, when it comes to the benefits music education brings to the table. With the host of benefits music education brings to society at large, it should be a great line of work. It should pay really well, and musicians should make a great living.

So I grabbed my thinking cap and put my cognitive skills to work. What could I do to make music lucrative for musicians while ensuring the benefits it brings reach as many kids as possible? Thus the idea to turn a music school into a marketing and advertising company.  Crazy, right?

TW3 Market Makers

TW3 stands for Terry Wilson the 3rd. He is the Founder of (TW3) and his company provides the marketing platform that we use. 

As it happens, Terry is also a musician! I took it as a sign. In fact, he used to market and sell baby grand pianos. You can read about him on his bio page. Terry has been very supportive of our projects and we’re looking forward to using his lead generation techniques as we expand into new areas.

With a nod to his company, we have named our marketing arm TW3 Market Makers, because that’s what the software does. It generates leads on demand, if used properly.

Wrapping it up, and All That Jazz

Somewhere between all the marketing and scheduling students I plan find time to pick up my viola again, and maybe get back into singing. There are many projects to execute and plans to finalize before all the pieces are in place for national expansion. And we have some fun, out-of-the-box projects, let me tell you.

And I will tell you, when the time is right.

Meanwhile, if you are a fan of music education, musicians, music or maybe just a fan of the private sector, I invite you to assist us in getting the word out. Music is a part of American life, woven into the fabric of our lives, a cultural tapestry we need to hand down to the next generation. We should celebrate the rich musical heritage, the merging of influences from hundreds of nations that gave us Jazz, American Folk Music, Hip Hop, Ragtime, classical music and all the other genres – too numerous to mention.

Click below to share our mission through social media, and all that jazz! And if you got this far, thank you. We appreciate your interest.