Moving Forward Survey
Restarting On-hold Students - Teacher Info Needed
All students currently on hold have been offered a free month of lessons, starting in July or August. Parents will be asked what kind of lesson they wish to have: virtual, in-home or studio. It's a limited time offer, first come, first serve, until available slots run out. In order to know what to do with each student who starts lessons again, I need to know what you would like to do as a teacher. Thus this survey. Please answer ASAP. Thanks! Trevor
Planned Studio Safety Protocols: Daily studio sanitation of bathrooms, door handles, pianos and music rooms. See-through barriers installed between students and teachers (probably Plexiglas). Teachers and students wear masks for in-person lessons, unless separated by Plexiglas or similar. No physical contact between students and teachers (hi-fives, hand shaking, fist bumping, form correction, etc.). Sanitation of pianos in-between lessons. Music room doors will be left open during lessons to avoid hand contact.
Note the students names and any other data that might be applicable, such as virtual, home or studio lessons requested.
I will be hiring someone to sanitize the music rooms daily. However, between lessons you will be asked to sanitize the piano keys between students (if you teach piano) with provided wipes. Teachers will need to wear masks at the studio unless physically separated by a Plexiglas barrier or similar, unless local laws prevent that from happening.
Select the days you will be available starting in July.
If enough teachers would prefer to teach in-studio lessons (both virtual and in-person) we will consider investing in a professional setup for the virtual lessons.
Now is the time for upgrades. From small to big, I'm interested in your feedback and experience.
I can't think of everything. Please note any other feedback, suggestions, etc.