Mayor Eric Garcetti

Millions of LADWP customers overspend on heating & cooling by as much as 15% - 30% ...

Are you one of those customers?

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s LADWP rebate program combined with Superhero Contractors is the perfect combo to save LADWP customers thousands of dollars on utilities and reduce the strain on LA’s power grid. Simple solutions are often the best option: a 12″ blanket of hypoallergenic fiberglass insulation in your attic. The majority of homes only have 3-6″ of insulation.

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The Overview

Why a Rebate?

Are you looking forward to power blackouts? Neither are LA's City Officals, thus LADWP 's rebate program.

LADWP's 80% Rebate

LADWP customers access the $100 million fund set aside for this rebate program. 80% of the materials and labor for your new attic insulation are already covered.

Superhero's 20% Deal

The remaining 20% of the materials & labor costs are covered by Superhero Contractors for maximum participation. Limited time offer.

Do it Now

The rebate program ends August 2020 or whenever the fund runs out. Save an average of $2000-$3750 over the next 10 years!

Why a Rebate?

Two words: Extreme temperatures

The majority of Los Angeles homes have under-insulated attics. 10 years ago insulation didn’t matter; the LA weather was very moderate. Today’s record hot summers and cold winters require 1 foot of attic insulation to reduce blackouts on our power grid.

LADWP covers 80%

In preparation for the cold winters and record-breaking summer heat, LADWP has set aside $100 million to help reduce your heating and cooling usage as low as possible. The LADWP Attic Insulation Rebate program covers 80% of the material and labor costs to install a 12″ thick blanket of insulation in your attic.

To find out how Superhero Contractor cover the other 20% of the material and labor costs, scroll down. Or click the button below to find out if your house qualifies to receive 100% of the materials and labor costs for free.

Superhero Contractors reduced their installation costs through wholesale/bulk purchasing power and super-efficient installation procedures. These reduced costs allow Superhero to cover the other 20% of materials and labor to install your attic insulation. 100% material and labor!

Superhero covers the other 20% of costs

Superhero's 20% Deal

Nothing is totally free. There is a registration fee of $449 – $549, depending on how much square footage must be insulated.

Accordingly, homeowners who help market the Rebate Program earn a $300 Superhero Credit towards their project, reducing the registration fee to $149-$249.

What's the catch?

Don't wait! Find out today if your home qualifies for the rebate!

Only 80 million of the $100 million LADWP fund is still available. The LADWP Attic Insulation Rebate Program is scheduled to end on August 2020 or whenever the money runs out – whichever happens first.

The qualification process is free and only takes a few minutes. Click below to find out if your home might qualify.