You have been referred to Superhero Contractors, a well-established roofing and insulation contractor promoting an attic insulation rebate program offered by LADWP. Qualifying homes can receive high-quality R30 insulation (worth between $1700 – $6000 retail, depending on square footage).

Please fill out the form below to establish initial qualifications.

Once the form is submitted,  an informational page about the rebate program will appear. At your option, use the scheduling button on the page to schedule a visit to for a free (required)  visual qualifications check of your attic. Rebate program participation is optional.

Initial Qualification Form
Renters can participate in the rebate program, but only the homeowner may give approval for the work to be done.
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Email addresses are used only for the purpose of this rebate program and are not shared or sold for any other reason.
Address will be cross checked to confirm you are an LADWP Customer.