Rebate Qualifications

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Rebate Program Qualifications

NOTE: Superhero Contractors will fulfill all required LADWP requirements, paperwork and supply the required proof on behalf of the homeowner. In such a case, the homeowner only needs to spend a few minutes to sign an online document turning over the LADWP 80% rebate for installing the attic insulation.

Superhero Contractors will also cover the remaining 20% of material and labor costs. The remaining registration fee ($149-$549) may be waived in part or in full (ask your Superhero Representative for the details). Any and all relevant fees are only paid after the insulation has been installed and the work approved by the homeowner.

The homeowner may also install the insulation themselves. In order to participate in the LADWP Attic Insulation Rebate Program, the following steps and qualifications must be done or met: