Baby Boomers & Defeating Age Discrimination

Age discrimination when it comes to qualifying for a job is an interesting beast. Surveys show that the Baby Boomers, a group that built and defined countless industries, are now being cast aside due to their age and being “over-qualified.”

At the risk of starting yet another highly polarized debate on discrimination, I pose a question to Baby Boomers everywhere: why get a job when you can work for yourself from home generating a 6-figure income? You can’t get fired if you are the boss. Well, I guess that’s not completely true. I work for myself, and quite often I fire myself in the morning for coming in late. But I re-hire myself by around lunch. Never was a morning person.

Do you need to meet certain qualifications to work from home? You sure do. And it’s not for everyone. You need to be a self-starter, have a quiet home office, be able to invest in your own business infrastructure and, of course, have some kind of work to do that will actually generate income. It can be harder than it sounds but it can also be very straightforward. And if anyone has the qualifications to be successful, it’s experienced and professional Baby Boomers.

Why stoop down to a low-paying job that doesn’t recognize your value, discounts your person-to-person people skills and overlooks the deep understanding you bring to the table? If you’re a Baby Boomer looking for work, I don’t have to explain the roadblocks you face to get a decent job. I’m just suggesting you skip all that and work from home on your terms. Get ahead in life on your own steam.

Right now we are looking for experienced, mature and effective self-starters who can work from home. If you can talk on the phone, you can earn a great income. It’s flexible work, no MLM, there’s no team building required. It’s just you and a company with a robust support system in place to get you up and running quickly, making $750-$18,000 per sale.

Currently we are looking for people with experience in the following:

Customer Support – Sales – Consulting – Management – Coaching – Data Entry – Writing – Insurance – Real Estate – Blogging – Surveys – Counseling
Life Coaching – Product Specialists – Sales Trainers – Financial Advisors – Loan Originators – Business Development

Don’t find the perfect job – Create the perfect job!



The age of “job security” is long gone for most industries. Setting up your own financial security is possible if you learn to leverage the Internet to set up multiple streams of income so you can work less and focus on priorities – like the grand-kids or whatever is on your bucket list. We can teach you with minimal investment to generate a better paycheck than what today’s job market offers. 

        • Work From Home / Flexible Scheduling
        • Sales and Non-Sales Opportunities
        • Multiple income streams – you choose the best options for your situation
        • No Experience Needed
        • Training Provided
        • High Profit / Low Overhead – $750-$18,000 per sale
        • No Employees required
        • Digital Products / Zero Inventory
        • Not MLM = No Selling to Friends and Family Required
        • No Cost to Start Option Available



Starting anything new requires work and determination to achieve success. That’s why Baby Boomers tend to be  a great partner to work with our company!

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