Agency Platform System

In-house Lead Generation and Marketing Platform
Decrease Expenses - Maximize profit.

About the Platform

Purchased leads are often expensive and fruitless, a waste of time and money. Having been re-sold multiple times to other agents (competition), these sub-par “prospects” are often already upset with your salespeople by the time a conversation happens, or are uninterested in your products and services at best.

Terry Wilson the 3rd (TW3) has faced lead generation challenges head on since becoming a successful entrepreneur  in 1998.  Decades of researching, developing, testing and monetizing successful in-house lead generation strategies has evolved into a single, comprehensive platform built to get results:  a fully functioning lead generation & marketing platform useful to a single salesperson and large corporations with hundreds or even thousands of salespeople or agents – the Agency Platform System™ (APS)

In addition to increasing sales at the agent level, Licensees of the Agency Platform System™ also earn revenue from their sales force in exchange for the sales platform provided. Salespeople are already investing in sales tools, advertising and leads from 3rd party vendors – why not give them something more effective and useful in-house?

Sound too good to be true? Terry Wilson has been using his platform to increase his own sales production for 11+ years. The same platform has been fully customized, white labeled and used in numerous other corporations and industries, ranging from religious groups, education, government, insurance, travel and more. Retention rate is steady at 82% or more.

For a description of how the APS marketing and lead generation platform could improve profits from your sales force, watch the video below.  In the 1st half of the video, Terry describes how he customized the platform for his use. In the 2nd half of the video, he describes the customization options and possibilities for other agencies, corporations and industries.

Platform Highlights

Lead Database
Fully Compliant Lists

Cost-effective lead database of filtered and scrubbed contacts fully compliant with FTC/FCC rules and regulations.

Voice Broadcaster
Voicemail or Live Transfer

Voice Broadcasting ® Auto Dialer ($.02 per min + data) with Ringless Voicemail or Live Call Transfer options.

SMS Marketing
Text Message Marketing

Bulk Text Message Marketing with Voice Drop Access and effective use strategies/training.

Email Marketing
Bulk Email Access

Specialized & compliant bulk email marketing tools and strategies to drive new leads into sales funnels.

Mobile Optimized Site
Website & Content Tools

WYSIWYG Mobile Optimized web tools for every salesperson/agent, including Landing Page Creator, Blog, Content Curator Tools & Training Videos.

Video & Audio Marketing
Webinar & Podcasting Tools

Advanced marketing tools including on demand webinar creation, podcasting tools and complete training on tested implementation strategies.

Residual Compensation
Lower Costs - Increase Sales

Customize a residual income compensation plan for your sales team while generating residual income for the APS Licensee, modeling a system with an 82+% retention rate.

Optional Call Center implementation, fully customizable for any size sales force.