The Beginning

Marketing & Music - How it Started

Music is sweet like a jelly doughnut

I run TW3 Market Makers and Fun Music School. I  love music and the arts because they saved me as a child. Super shy in my teens, music and other art programs helped me blossom into a performer. Problem solving also became a forte of mine, which I attribute to learning music. So when I got the chance to helm a music school, I jumped at it. I know how important music is developmentally for anyone and everyone. For youth, it’s crucial.

Entering the music education world after years in sales and construction was an eye opener. I discovered that music programs have been slashed from school budgets in favor of math and science programs, or maybe it really is just lack of funds. Either way, schools without music is like jelly doughnuts without jelly. It’s still good, but not as sweet. The interesting fact is, science has proven the powerful effects of playing a musical instrument. There’s no downside to learning a musical instrument. Cutting music out of schools is akin to shooting ourselves in our collective foot.


Musicians are Underpaid

I also realized that there isn’t a lot of money to be had in the music world. Unless you’re Taylor Swift. I cross paths with many, many broke musicians, teachers and even professional symphony musicians looking to make money on the side. Running a music school has been only minimally profitable. Seems to be a common problem across the boards for this labor of love.

Meanwhile, in the school’s Marketing Department, I realized my campaigns had been designed by Fred Flintstone. Flyers and postcards? Really? How archaic. Aside from being super expensive (and I know all y’all were just throwing them out anyway), I was sure there had to be a better way. So my quest began to both make music a viable profession for myself and my teachers and build a marketing plan from the bottom up with better tools.


The Happy Ending

The short story is, I came across an excellent marketing platform that enabled me to promote inexpensively and on my own. I figured if I was struggling with lead generation, other business owners in my town were struggling too. So, I hatched a secret plan: work together with local business owners and market together!  Thus the co-op marketing and advertising division of Fun Music School was born.

Working together permits far-reaching and comprehensive marketing campaigns that won’t break the bank. The school’s marketing campaign reaches 10,000 local families a month; a select number of local businesses are allowed to participate. The revenue from our co-marketing partners allows us to afford highly skilled teachers, better music facilities and add more music programs.

An extension of the concept is to expand our music programs (and the marketing campaigns) nationally. My vision is for music education and the private sector to succeed where politicians have failed – and make music education accessible to all while increase the cultural value of communities as a result. Byproducts will be youth more occupied with music instead of crime or drugs, employees with better cognitive skills, discipline and less stress and of course, lots of music!

Boosting Local Business

Running a small business is time-consuming enough. Implementing a full-blown and comprehensive marketing campaign (beyond window signs and the local paper) can be really overwhelming. Need more customers? Like the idea of supporting music education? Reach out to us and let’s see what can be done. Our parents appreciate lessons remaining at affordable rates and they going to shop at other local stores. Why not your place?

Marketing that works Everywhere

Not local? We still have solutions. And at some point in the future, we’ll be expanding our music programs nationally. We may be teaching piano down the street from you sooner than later!

Fun Music School in La Crescenta CA