Saving Money, Building a Business with BeeKonnected

There’s a saying that you have to spend money to make money. It’s true in a lot of ways. Owning a business requires an investment, even if it’s just working from home, or you’re a kid selling lemonade in front of your house. At the very least, time is invested, and time is money.

BeeKonnected is how you make money while spending time building your business. In other words, make income while networking with other business owners and entrepreneurs (which you need to do anyway!). Talk about a double whammy!

Allow me to explain. Usually when you start a business, a primary focus is connecting with people in your network to inform them about your business. If they are a potential customer, it’s called “prospecting.” If they are not a potential customer, it’s called “networking.” Both activities are very important. However, networking is usually an investment of time and money and maybe it takes awhile to actually get a customer referred that purchases. Perhaps many Chamber meetings later, just maybe a customer appears. Maybe not.

BeeKonnected is set to change all that – now you can invest in networking AND make money AND even save money. Let’s dive in.

The brain child of a master business networker and public speaker, BeeKonnected is a social network built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Oh great, another LinkedIn, right? Not exactly. LinkedIn may be great for fancy corporate recruiters or ex-executives looking for a new roost, but for DIY or mom and pop entrepreneurs, certain business social networks are just another can of spam. And you can’t really decide who you are going to allow to connect to you, the other party can just reach out.

BeeKonnected neatly sidesteps the spammy nature of other social networks with a rating system, as well as connecting their members with the most appropriate/applicable other members. Pretty much, and LinkedIn hooked up and had a kid: BeeKonnected.

In addition to cutting out spammy (or outright useless) connections, BeeKonnected proactively connects members to each other through the Konnection Generator. Based on a special algorithm nature, members can use the Konnection Generator at will to reach out to 6 other members at a time. The built in algorithm matches up the members for them, and suggests a connection to both sides. If both accept, they meet online, by phone or in-person.

Afterward each participating member rates the outcome of the meeting, helping ensure that each member brings value to the table, not just a quick pitch and ditch scenario.

On top of productive business networking, members enjoy a $2500 travel voucher wallet that allows them to discount their travel expenses. That may not be a big deal during COVID travel restrictions (don’t even think about moving about the cabin, Mr. Flight Passenger!), but it will be a big deal when things open up again!

Another handy savings is the 30% (maybe more) discount on a well known webinar platform. If you are a coach or consultant, or have any reason to require a 500 attendee webinar platform, it’s worth checking out BeeKonnected just to get the discount. Actually, if you join and you decide BK isn’t for you, the travel and webinar discounts are still yours to keep.

Speaking of coaches, I haven’t even mentioned the member training included (which is the main reason I became a member). As a business owner, I face questions I can’t easily answer as I don’t have training on branding, online course development, video production, start-ups to exit strategy and eCommerce. Those are just a few of the topics currently available in the BeeKonnected University – included in the membership. Most of the courses are 6 weeks in length and are worth $2500-$7500 if purchased elsewhere, led by experienced and reputable coaches (who teach these topics for living).

By the way, BeeKonnected is looking for more coaches to add to their roster, up to 50 coaches! Right now there are only a handful, and it’s a great opportunity to connect with an international membership.

As if all that weren’t enough, you have the option of making an income while participating as a member of this business community. You can literally make money while doing what you’re supposed to be doing as a business owner or entrepreneur – network. If you sign up as an affiliate of BeeKonnected (no fee do to do so), every member you bring on board earns you a referral commission. How much depends on when you become a member (it’s in pre-launch at the time of this writing, the incentives are higher) and how many members you bring on. But the amount of income possible is quite considerable. For the right person, it could be thousands of dollars a month.

BeeKonnected is a small business owner’s dream. It’s what networking should be. To get questions answered or find out when the next online webinar about BeeKonnected takes place, click here to get in touch with me.

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