The Pros & Cons Of Working From Home When You Have Small Kids

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Not everyone can afford to become a stay-at-home mom, but some jobs are becoming more flexible for parents to be able to work from home. Working from home is something that many people love to do since they consider there were more perks than actually going into an office to get their work done.

But working from home is not always as good as it sounds. There are times that make people only want to work in the office. So how do you know what is right for you? Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of working from home when you have small kids.

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Con: More Distractions

When you are at work, there are a few distractions that you will find around the office. You might even notice that your company has blocked certain sites like Facebook and Twitter to make sure that their workers are not wasting any time and are always working. At home, you have a lot of distractions. There is, of course, your little ones, house chores, errands, and Netflix that might be calling your name. If you are making the switch to work from home then you need to make sure to focus on your work when you have tasks to get done.

Pro: Better Lifestyle Overall

One of the biggest struggles that parents face is finding a good work/life balance. There are just so many days that you end up getting caught late in the office and not getting home until it’s dark meaning all you want to do is relax. But when you work from home you will not have to worry about getting stuck late in the office since your home is your office. Working from home allows you to work around your child’s schedule and be able to drive them around and take them to appointments while just getting your work done at a different time of the day.

Con: No Human Interactions Besides With Your Kids

If you are a social butterfly you might find that working from home is hard for you since you do not have any human interactions, well besides your kids. But as an adult, you want to be able to have a conversation that does not involve baby talk.

Some people find working from home difficult since they feel like they are stuck in their house all by themselves. So if you are someone who loves the office small talk then working from home might not be for you.

Pro: Can Help You Save Money

One reason why people love working from home is that it can help them save money overall. From saving money from not having to commute and not having to buy lunch out, to save a lot of money from not needing childcare. Working from home can definitely help increase your income without even getting a raise. Look at all of the costs that you can save and cut out of your life when you are deciding if you should work from home because you can be surprised how much you can save.

Con: You Might Have To Work Later Into The Night

When you work in an office then you probably have a set schedule that you work. This allows you to physically and mentally leave your job when you are done for the day. But when you work from home you might have to make up not working throughout the day, by working late into the night.

Then when you are done with your work it can be harder for you to keep your mind away from work and get some sleep. Realize that working from home does have some downsides when it comes to getting the work done.

Pro: Saves You Time Over All

A great added benefit from working from home means that you do not have to waste your time traveling to and from the office. Though your commute might only be thirty minutes that is an hour a day and over the year it really adds up. Not only are you saving time since you do not have to commute, you do not have to worry about taking a set lunch. When you work from home all you have to do is the tasks they assign you and you do not have to manage any small talk of breaks that you have in the office.

Con: Need To Find Space For A Home Office

Once you make the switch to work from home you will need to find space in your house to set up a home office. Though this can be fun for a lot of people, some people do not have that extra space to give up and use as a workstation.

But when you work from home you need to have a designated area that you work in so your brain will get into work mode once you get there. Finding the space or just buying an office desk can be costly for people who are already on a tight budget.

Pro: Flexible Work Hours

Working from home is different than working in an office. When you are at an office you have a set time frame from when they want you there working. But working from you will get tasks and projects they want you to complete by a given date. This allows you to have a flexible work schedule so you can go out and spend some time with your kids and have fun. But remember even if you are out with your kids you still have project/task to complete by a deadline.

Con: Kids Will Always Want Your Attention

When people first start working from home they start to realize how distracting kids are. This is because kids love constant attention, they want you to watch them as the playground or do arts and crafts, they need you to get them snacks and drinks, and you might find out your day turns into a full day with your kids. If your kids are going to distract you throughout the whole day then you are going to have to catch up at night or wake up earlier to get it all done.

Pro: Always With Your Kids

When you have small children you might always want to be around them and working from home is an amazing option that allows you to always be with your kids. This allows you to work around your little one's schedule or just to be in the other room while your kids play and you get work done. This means that you do not need to take days off if they are sick or if they have an appointment to go to. Working from home allows you to have that quality time with your kids without giving up your career.

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